It’s the people who step into their gym to work out anywhere between 3 and 5 days a week who hate the living shit out of it.
So let me provide you with my mindset about how my brain thinks throughout the course of a Wednesday, which is my first weightlifting day of the week, and the day when I get my most complete workout.
People think that if they sign up for the gym, and actually pay money, then it will force them to go. Make it through work today, and then hit the gym and you’ll be feeling awesome at the end of the day!

Just don’t think, grab your keys, drive to the gym, and let your muscles do the rest.
Yet workouts are often placed on the back burner for many entrepreneurs due to their everyday hectic schedule. In fact, my best workouts usually come on days when I preemptively tell myself beforehand that I am only going to do a quick workout. On other days, I usually do cardio, and if it’s nice enough outside, I can avoid the gym.

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