Typically frozen shoulder is diagnosed with clinical signs and symptoms, the most noticeable movement patients have trouble with is that of rotation and elevation of the arm.
As frozen shoulder progresses through its stages of the frozen and thawing phase shoulder range of motion gradually increases with a subsequent reduction in joint stiffness.
Typically frozen shoulder tends to affect one side but some develop the condition in both shoulders. Treatment for adhesive capsulitis can be frustrating and slow with each stage of frozen shoulder – Freezing, Frozen, Thawing – lasting an average of 6 to 8 months with some even taking 2 years to fully resolve. As mentioned above, there are many signs and symptoms of frozen shoulder like freezing or dull pain in your shoulders.
Thus, if you do not take any medical help, the symptoms of frozen shoulder become worse and gradually reduce on its own.
With a frozen shoulder, you may face a lot of pain while you try to get along with your daily chores. According to medical experts, any injury to the shoulders or even lack of long-term physical activity can cause frozen shoulder. Thus, if you detect these symptoms and signs of pain in your upper body, it can be a painful frozen shoulder.
Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint.
Thawing Stage: The shoulder becomes slightly usable through the course of this stage, and returns to normal towards the end.

Once these frozen shoulder symptoms are detected in a timely manner, diagnostic and corrective measures can be chosen faster.
Frozen – this second phase is characterized by marked loss of movement patients typically notice difficulty with elevating the arm or taking their hand behind their backs. The goal of treatments is to decrease the inflammation and increase the range of motion of the shoulder.
Treatments should be directed with getting the muscles to relax in order to help regain motion and function of the shoulder joint. However, instead of going through the trauma, it is advisable to seek medical help at the earliest to get rid of the frozen shoulder discomfort. However, if your shoulders continue to feel stiff for more than two weeks, it could be a symptom of freezing shoulder. Keeping an eye out for such symptoms and opting for frozen shoulder treatment instantly helps in rooting it out during the early stages. The signs and symptoms of adhesive capsulitis begin gradually, worsen over time, and then resolve, usually within one or two years.
The pain is usually centered over the outer shoulder area and sometimes along the upper arm. The characteristic feature of this condition is an inability to move one’s shoulder, either actively or passively. It may take about 6 months to 2 years for the shoulder to become completely normal or near-normal, and regain its earlier condition.

Your doctor may recommend anti-inflammatories as well as xrays and or MRI to rule out other causes of shoulder pain but x-rays are not typically able to diagnose frozen shoulder.
The last stage is the thawing stage when you can slowly move your neck and shoulders despite the discomfort. With medical help and gentle exercises, you can get rid of the frozen shoulder pain without much trouble.
Frozen shoulder pain tends to be found deep into the shoulder with some people experiencing upper arm, upper back and neck issues. However, if you detect prolonged pain in your neck or shoulders, you should seek medical help to detect and cure the signs of frozen shoulder.
If you recently had an arm injury and used a sling, it can be a cause of freezing shoulder too.
Now that you know the signs and symptoms, it is easy to detect the frozen shoulder and get relief sooner. Immediately, you should consult your physician to detect the cause of your frozen shoulder.

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