Testosterone is considered to be a super hormone for men who would like to improve their overall well-being. Testosterone is a hormone that humans, yes both male and female produces to enhance puberty, fertility and sexual libido.
A male individual will experience decrease of hair or hair loss, decrease in bone and muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, fragile bones and worst, the growth of breast tissues which should only be present in females. Just like back in school science experiments, I therefore conclude that water is not the cause of testosterone decrease in the body but what it is contaminated with. Men who have low levels of testosterone, a key male sex hormone that helps maintain sex drive, sperm production and bone health, may have a slightly elevated risk of developing heart disease.
Dr Ruige and his colleagues in their review study examined findings from studies on cardiovascular disease and testosterone published between 1970 and 2013.
Although the studies suggested some sort of relationship, existing research found little evidence of a connection between low testosterone and atherosclerosis, the hardening and narrowing of arteries that can cause heart attacks and strokes.
The reviewed studies also found no relationship between testosterone levels and heart attacks. Many of the studies had cross-sectional designs that do not provide information about causality, but the review also looked at 19 prospective observational studies that can provide additional information about whether one condition causes another. Low Testosterone level at any stage of life can have a number of impacts on men’s health. Low testosterone level can cause a decrease in the muscles mass leaving the man thin and lean. Testosterone is responsible for an enhancement of the bone strength in males seen around puberty. Testosterone is important for a man to have an adequate erection as well as desire of a male to indulge in a sexual activity.
Testosterone is a key hormone responsible for the production of sperm in males.  Any decrease in its level will decrease the ability of a man to produce enough sperms, thus interfering with his ability to reproduce. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for all the distinguishing characteristics attributed to a male body and a men’s health. This entry was posted in Downtown Medical Brooklyn, NY, Downtown Medical Center Brooklyn, Downtown Medical Services, Downtown Medical Services Brooklyn, Family Medical Doctor Brooklyn, Healthcare Diagnostics Brooklyn, Integraded Medical Brooklyn, Integrative Medicine Brooklyn, Internal Medicine Clinic Brooklyn, Internal Medicine Doctor Brooklyn, Keith Williams DC, obgyn in Downtown Brooklyn, Pain Management Doctors in Brooklyn, Pain Management In Brooklyn, Physical Therapists Downtown Brooklyn, Physical Therapy Downtown Brooklyn, Physicals Downtown Brooklyn on September 6, 2014 by Downtown Medical Services. The reason it matters is because testosterone plays a crucial role in men’s health and well being no matter what your age.
They believe perhaps one in five men over 50 should have testosterone treatment to restore their vigor and well being. The same negative lifestyle habits that cause men to lose muscle and gain weight are compounded by the fact that the obesity will further decrease testosterone, increase estrogen and make weight gain even more likely. The problem is that when testosterone decreases, estrogen levels increases in the male body which can be bad news.
As mentioned the effects of low testosterone levels lead to a number of worrying side effects many of which will have a dramatic impact on your life.
The thing you need to know as John Gray points out in his inspiring ted talk, is that testosterone is the hormone that helps your body reduce cortisol the stress hormone.

It was clear who was taking and I decided I wanted some of that, so I started injecting testosterone. And it’s no wonder because high levels of testosterone are associated with antisocial behaviour and violence. This article explains that during our evolution, due to increased effeminate changes to our facial features, scientist have discovered that testosterone levels decreased in humans.
A recent article in the New York Times, published in the New England Journal of Medicine5 (NEJM), found that there were significant individual variations in the amount of testosterone required for any particular man to maintain lean body mass, strength, and sexual function. So the goal isn’t necessarily to blow your brains out with the stuff, it’s about ensuring you’re doing the right things to keep your levels high enough so you remain strong, healthy and creative. And whilst there are synthetic ways to increase testosterone, these methods will only ever addresses the symptoms rather than the cause – the lifestyle choices men are making today. If you’re concerned about low testosterone levels please consult your doctor who’ll give you the guidance you need or you can buy kits on line from a variety of different outlets to see where you’re at. The key is choosing to live in a way that’s naturally healthy and physically active, because unless you’re suffering from a severe thyroid problem or have had testicular cancer, from what I understand there’s no reason to use artificial testosterone replacement therapy.
You can increase your testosterone levels naturally by making some simple changes to your lifestyle. The next part of this article talks you through some of the key lifestyle changes that will help you keep your testosterone levels optimum whatever your age. The Inspired Man participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program.
It may also cause a loss of body hairs.  In addition a low testosterone may also cause a decrease in size of testis and an enlargement of the breast. Thus any decrease in its level below optimum level will make the bones thin, weak, fragile and more likely to fracture. Thus, any decrease in its level below optimum level will interfere with the ability of a male to have sex.
In childhood, the testosterone production stops and practically no testosterone is produced for up to twelve years of age. A normal male testosterone level peaks at about age 20, and then slowly declines throughout a man life.
In the UK over the past decade, prescriptions for testosterone gels and injections have doubled to 300,000 a year. He continues to point out that “obese men with low testosterone, normally find their levels bounce back when they lose weight. Elevated levels of estrogen in men need to be recognized and treated, because even though your body produces estrogen, it’s required in far less quantities than a woman. Also prostate cancer continues to be one of the most frequently diagnosed and one of the most common causes of death in men. Cortisol is the hormone that leads to inflammation in the body, now proven to be associated with many of the biggest killers today such as cancer, heart disease.
Excessive levels of cortisol produce insulin resistance, fat gain, and muscle wasting, while testosterone promotes muscular hypertrophy and lean mass gains.

As testosterone levels lowered we became more creative, kinder and gentler towards each other, during a time when the population was increasing. They found that less testosterone is actually needed for muscle maintenance than previously thought.
No matter your age, understanding how to maintain healthy testosterone levels naturally, is something every man should understand and be concerned about.
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If a man has a high level of estrogen he will have more feminine traits and lowering down testosterone level.
Afterward testosterone production starts again around puberty and last through most of the middle age.
Testosterone has been the source of the drive men have needed during our 4 million year evolution to pioneer, explore, adventure and conquer. Increases in estrogen and decreases in testosterone are literally transforming men into women.
Some experts are convinced declining testosterone is responsible for a host of middle-age problems, from low energy and poor concentration to man boobs, irritability and impotence (we’ll cover the symptoms of low testosterone shortly). The biggest factor determining whether your testosterone levels are high or low, is dictated by your personal choices; we know this because not all men given HRT find their symptoms improve.
Evidence is now pointing to estrogens playing a significant role in the cause of prostate cancer [Source: Carruba, Stone]. Male bonobos have lower levels of testosterone than chimps, which makes them much more easygoing than hormone-fueled chimps, who grow competitive and mercurial during puberty, when their testosterone levels spike. This helps support The Inspired Man by offsetting a fraction of what it takes to maintain the site, and is very much appreciated. Testosterone hormones in men in particular enhance muscle bulk, increased bone mass, physical strength, agility and body hair. There are also unavoidable causes that men might not be even aware that their testosterone level has been affected. It is testosterone that causes appearance of male pattern hair and voice, an enhancement of the bone and muscle mass seen after puberty. In addition it also influences the desire of a man to have sex as well as emotions, mood and thinking process of an individual and the men’s health on the whole.
Undescended testicles also is an unavoidable cause this is when the testicles failed to descend below the abdomen while growing up.

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