Testosterone levels help regulate everything from sex drive and mood to the rate of muscle recovery after exercise. When levels become low, it can negatively impact a man’s health and mental well-being.
Take a look at these symptoms of low testosterone and if required consult with a doctor to learn about possible low testosterone treatment options that are available to you.
The study did call for additional research, as some individuals did not report lower sex drives with low testosterone levels. Additional studies have investigated the link between testosterone and mood, particularly the argument that higher levels of testosterone have a positive effect[3]. A recent study determined that testosterone replacement therapy has a number of effects on the body—including increasing bone density, sexual function and energy[4]. Loss of strength is one of the primary symptoms of aging and it is associated with low testosterone levels.

Erectile dysfunction has long been recognized as one of the indicators of low testosterone. Regardless, decreased libido is a recognized symptom that signals testosterone levels might be falling. Some studies indicate that low testosterone caused by age is a primary contributor to depression in older men[2]. Most research recommends hormone therapy for older men experiencing the mood fluctuations associated with low testosterone levels. The study was conducted on individuals with low sex hormone levels and it took 24 months for replacement therapy to take full effect. If you are experiencing low energy but get plenty of rest and sleep, low levels of testosterone might be to blame. Take a look at this study,  where researchers investigate the correlation between men experiencing lack of sexual interest and erectile dysfunction.

In the case of erectile dysfunction, some scientists think that it is closely related to low levels of testosterone and others do not.
If you are experiencing ED, there are definitely hormonal imbalances somewhere that are damaging your health—let the scientists argue over if it is testosterone or not. With older men, decreased strength is one of the first signs of waning testosterone production.
The study concluded that, even in men with normal testosterone levels, testosterone can influence sexual excitement and pleasure[6].

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