Video - Rich Froning - 2011 & 2012 & 2013 & 2014 Crossfit Game Champion using MiR Weighted Vest. International Buyers are responsible for paying duties, taxes, and applicable customs brokerage fees, these will be assessed upon receiving the item, MiR is not responsible nor knows the exact cost of each fee above. For best result in keeping your vest maintain, wipe vest down with a damp rag, and keep vest in a well air circulated area, if odor is present Oust or odor sprays will take it right out. Once the item is paid for we will automatically leave you a positive feedback, as a customer once you paid you have done your part. Refunds by law: In Australia, consumers have a legal right to obtain a refund from a business for goods purchased if the goods are faulty, not fit for purpose or don't match description. With 5-30lbs of weights, we designed a vest that has weight distributed equally to ensure comfort throughout the workout.
I could not find any other vest beside MiR Weighted vest that could support so much weight in such a small vest.
Also, it can save you from any injuries that can occur when weights are not distributed equally during any exercise session.

Using more weights in your training, allows you to easily gain more strength, longer endurance, and move quickly by adding more resistance to your body.
If item is defective upon receiving please notify MiR right away so we can replace the item for you so any injuries can be avoided.
If customer fail to pay custom fees, buyer will be responsible for the expenses of reshipment of the item. We are here to assist you and making sure that when you buy from MiR Vest, from the purchase to the usage of our product that you are a satisfied product. For bigger items, UPS will be the carrier that will transport the product, this usually takes any where from 5-7 days. With adjustable straps, and shoulder straps, it gives you the secure and snug fit that you want out of all vest.
In your bodybuilding or routine workout group: Shape up with MiR Weighted vest in the most efficient, effective and economic way. Please note that there will be customs fees for every customers, this will be assessed by the country customs and brokers.

To view tracking information for your package, please view your PayPal payment and click on the "Check Shipment" button. Use the vest In any activity from home strength training, shadowboxing or cardio workout to increase your leg strength, body mass and aerobic capacity. The MiR vest can be adapted as a work out tool to any activity, indoors or outdoors from yoga, aerobics, weight training, boxing, swimming, marathons, biking, mountain climbing and many more! Workout with MiR Vest, and get back in shape again, get that body you want, quicker and better.The new MiR weighted vests are designed for all purpose training.

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