Getting rid of belly fat happens to be the hardest battle in the quest to become healthy and fit. In addition to getting useful weight loss tips from your pals, you wouldn’t need to worry about giving into temptations as your friends would be ready to reprimand you in such cases. Here are some facts that would definitely have you chalking up a plan to reduce belly fat in no time at all! Belly fat is mostly visceral fat that is unseen and keeps on adding inside your body the same way it does outside. Too much of belly fat would actually lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.
The fat cells in this case are located right next to the major organs of the body, thereby increasing the chances of the drainage of excess fat into them.
There is no way you are going to lose that belly fat if you end up sleeping or lying down as soon as you have had your dinner.
What you cannot eat: Examples include sugary cereals, refined grains, pancakes, waffles, pastries, French toast, crackers, cookies, margarines, hydrogenated oils and other foods that contain trans fat etc.
You will be amazed to note that foods like blue berries can actually help reduce belly fat. Here’s a small calorie calculation that would help you out in choosing the foods you need to eat and the ones you need to avoid. A single pound of fat is equivalent to 3700 calories. Belly fat in the initial stages can be successfully controlled by disciplined corrections in your diet. After you have done the first two exercises quite a number of times you can combine both of them and keep doing them till you get desirable results and begin losing fat around the belly.
There are some myths related to certain techniques like ab exercises that are supposed to replace fat with muscle mass. You really don’t need to punish yourself with a strict diet and hard core workouts to reduce your waist when there are ways to get rid of that belly flab without having to resort to ineffective haphazard workouts or carelessly depriving yourself of food. Consuming six small meals throughout the day, increases your metabolism which in turn body  burn fat easily while starving yourself and staying hungry for long hours just makes the body unable to shed off the belly fat since it is needed to burn up fat as energy. Too many sweets encourages the body to produce more insulin which in turn stores glucose, majorly in the belly region.

Consuming food when we one is stressed is not a good thing as cortisol released during stress causes the fat to accumulate around the stomach which may again lead to Diabetes. Use a food journal or online tracker to get an idea of how many calories you currently eat daily. Get in the habit of reading food labels, and beware of hidden sugars in any packaged foods.
Some other benefits of working out in the am include: missing after work gym crowds, getting your exercise out of the way, free afternoons and a more focused day. You should get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5 days a week or about 150 minutes total each week. Also periodically re-measure your waist or hips to see how much fat you've lost around your stomach. Maintain the lifestyle you've developed during your diet to help you maintain your weight loss and fat reduction long term. Many of us tend to retain that annoying belly fat in spite of losing oodles of weight from the other parts of the body. So what you see outside as a belly is only a small proportion of the fat that is actually present inside the body. Belly fat happens to be directly linked to hormone production and can cause hormonal imbalances. If you really want to lose that annoying belly fat, here are some eating habits you need to incorporate pronto! In order to lose belly fat without exercising, you would need to completely forgo a few foods while adding some others to your existing diet. Here are some tips on what you can and cannot eat in this case. A cup of blue berries every day would contain enough phytochemicals to burn about 12% of belly fat. Which means you need to burn off at least 3700 calories to get rid of 1 pound of fat from your body. If you want to lose those extra kilos hugging your waistline, you would need to stop drinking beer and alcohol, both of which contain plenty of empty calories that can add oodles of fat to your belly.

Another thing about getting adequate sleep is that it helps your body secrete a hormone that aids in curbing appetite and sudden hunger pangs.
But if the fat happens to get firmly established in the middle region, it becomes quite difficult to get rid of this stubborn fat around the belly. There is no way by which fat around the middle will be converted to muscle mass unless you reduce your calorie intake. For this, regular cardio exercises and a good 8-10 hours of sleep will help in reducing the belly fat. Subtract 500-750 from that total to get an idea of how many you should consume daily to result in moderate weight loss. Studies have shown that sugar (especially added sugar) is one of the main culprits in excess stomach fat.[5] Limit foods high in sugars. Studies have shown that people who do high intensity interval training lose more fat around their stomach compared to regular cardiovascular exercise. Stress causes an increase in cortisol, a hormone that causes the body to store extra fat, particularly in the midsection.[14] Stress can also cause emotional eating, or eating for comfort rather than out of hunger. And many believe that the only way to get rid of it would be to sweat it out in a gym for hours on end every day. Agreed that you would need to exercise regularly in order to get rid of fat deposits located in certain specific areas of the body, including the belly.
This will enable your metabolism to burn the calories well before you sleep off, thereby preventing the accumulation of excess calories and fat in the belly.
Although you can't "spot treat", reducing excess fat around your stomach can be achieved with diet and exercise. If you want to lose belly fat, you will need to lose overall weight by reducing your caloric intake. You can start with 50 times and then increase the count to 100 and 200 times.In conclusion, it may be observed that only a complete exercise regime and a disciplined diet will help you look slimmer and fit with no extra fat around the belly.

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