Vegan fitness expert Ella Magers helps you sculpt a sexy booty and toned legs with these awesome exercise variations. I joined a gym, wrote myself a training program based on my years of prior knowledge, studied Vegan bodybuilders (yep-there are many out there!) and then wrote myself a Vegan prep diet based on a healthy split in macros, using all my plant based education and nutritional medicine experience. Thirdly, are you ready for it fitness or strength wise, are you a beginner learning or an advanced athlete, or what time of the day are you doing it, how long are you doing it…timing is also everything.

Below is my training schedule for before and during my last fitness model comp…everything I did, I loved! Combined with a healthy vegan diet plan, you will be on your way to the lean, sexy, fit body you want!
An easy to follow plan and results when you combine these 2 blogs together, actually all the blogs I post on here are what it took me to get to this point.

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