Optimum Nutrition (ON) 100% Whey is the #1 supplement I consume, more than anything else and nearly every day. Quest Bars are, technically, more of a convenience food than a supplement, but I’m including them on this list because they’re primarily made of whey protein, they’re one of the only protein bars I recommend and aren’t just a dressed-up candy bar, and because they’re freaking delicious! If you’re like the majority of men, then you’re probably deficient in Vitamin D3 (a simple blood test at your next checkup can confirm or deny this).
Xtend is an intra-workout (drink it during your workout) powder providing electrolytes and branch chain amino acids (BCAAs; the building blocks of muscle).
Fish oil has become wildly popular over the last several years, so you’re probably already aware of the health and joint benefits it provides.
I used to take a pre-workout every session, and I’m trying to dial that back some because I don’t want to condition my body to depend upon that stimulation to properly train, but it’s nice to have around for those days where I’m mentally fatigued (I still take it at least 33% of the time, some weeks 50%). I’ve tried and tested a lot of different things over the years and these are the 7 supplements I’ve confirmed to provide a real benefit, and from brands I’ve found to be reputable and worthy of my hard-earned money. 0 Comments   "From field to factory to pantry"The Discovery Channel takes a pleasant look at how canola oil is made.
0 Comments   Here's a question that most diabetics get wrong when we ask, but their health depends on it.
MedPage reported on the AAP's announcement discouraging use of antibiotics in animal fed due to the potential harm for children. Researchers found a significant worsening of triglyceride and cholesterol for those consuming more sugary drinks.Another recent study analyzed over 40,000 men to determine whether sweetened beverages increase the risk of heart failure.
The low-carb diet was associated with significantly greater weight loss and significantly lower risk of "atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease events." The low-carb group showed more improvement in blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Unfortunately, proper nutrition education for diabetics often takes a back seat to medication use. The study found that "children who had been given at least one course of antibiotics had double the risk of [juvenile arthritis]." The researchers found no link between untreated infections and juvenile arthritis.

The sweetest holiday of the year is almost here and if you don't want to end up dealing with an aftermath of boogery noses and coughing kids, it's time to get planning for Halloween. Increased rates were only seen in children treated with antibiotics.This study confirms prior research showing antibiotics damaging the mix of good microbes in a child's body. When researchers ruled out other causes, they found that sweetened beverages significantly increased the risk of heart failure.Don't be fooled by marketing.
Researchers looked at whether taking all of these medications actually provide much benefit in low back pain patients without significant trauma or leg problems.
Put down the pop and toss the sweet tea.Researchers looked at studies linking sugar consumption and various chronic diseases to make the best estimate of annual deaths related to sugar-sweetened beverages. Their damaged system is then more likely to develop auto-immune problems where the body's immune system attacks itself. So, since clinicians are part of the problem, they can be part of the solution."For your family's safety, choose meat that has been raised without antibiotics or other chemicals. Here's what they calculated for those drinking sugar-sweetened beverages:133,000 annual deaths from diabetes45,000 annual deaths from cardiovascular disease6,450 annual deaths from cancerThese conditions cover only a fraction of the health problems linked to sugar consumption, and include only beverages not sugary foods. In the case of juvenile arthritis, the body's immune system seems to attack its joints.Antibiotics should only be used when needed or they may lead to serious future harm. Honey is a natural sugar that the body can handle better than processed sugars.Pumped-Up Popcorn - cook up some popcorn in a little coconut oil and add some spices or dark chocolate for a fun flavor. They recommended patients only be given naproxen to reduce inflammation.Every medication carries risks and combinations of medications carry additional risks. They also excluded store-bought fruit juice, which has been found to cause harmful effects comparable to soda. It's also a good idea to restore the good microbes with probiotics, prebiotics and fermented food to help build a healthier immune system. Try these tips next time you're shoveling snow, or give us a call when you didn't: (330) 492-1010.

This follows research estimating deaths due to preventable medical errors at 400,000 per year in the United States. While Americans have been told to focus on cutting fat, we've largely overlooked the bigger problem - sugar.
Watch out for the new types that include sweeteners.Click here to check out more healthy and fun ideas for your Halloween party. Furthermore, these estimates seem to only consider hospitalized medical care, not accounting for other medical treatment.
These patients that are already at increased risk for suicide, are even more likely to commit suicide or "self harm" after having surgery compared to before surgery.Every effort should be made to achieve weight loss without surgical intervention. Anti-inflammation eating is the best place to start.No Calcium in Your Arteries = No Need for Statin Cholesterol MedsMedpage Today reported on a recent study that tested patients to determine how much calcium they have in their arteries and looked at their risk of cardiovascular problems. Based on the research, Medpage reports, "People at intermediate risk who would prefer not to take a pill can safely avoid statins if they have a zero calcium score [no calcium in the arteries], the new findings suggest." "The study raises the possibility that about half of people who are eligible to take them might now avoid taking statins. This is particularly important because, under the current guidelines, statins are either recommended or may be considered for almost two-thirds of the U.S.
Without calcium buildup in the arteries, the risk of a heart problem is low even when some other risk factors are present.
It's best for these patients to eat better and be active, avoiding the side-effects of statin use.

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