Fitness gear can enhance and improve athletic performance, especially for those trying to stay motivated in the new year. Scientists compared the workout performances of male athletes after they watched different types of video clips and found that male weightlifters can lift heavier objects after watching erotic videos. Not only did watching porn boost subsequent squat performance in athletes, scientists also discovered changes in testosterone hormone levels in salivary samples taken from participants, according to the study published in the journal Hormones and Behavior. While erotic, aggressive, funny, training and motivational video clips triggered a noticeable increase in testosterone, sad and neutral clips prompted a significant drop in salivary testosterone levels. After watching the short film, the male athletes were asked to perform a squat workout aimed at producing a 3 repetition maximum (3RM) lift. Researchers noticed a significant improvement in 3RM performances after participants watched erotic, aggressive and training clips compared to the control clips. The recent study adds to the growing evidence that sex does not impede and may actually enhance athletic performance. For years coaches and athletes have followed that long-held theory that sex before competition zaps energy and have subsequently practiced abstinence the night or even weeks before competition.

Some experts say that sex before sport may help athletes because it wipes out mental fatigue and leaves athletes feeing refreshed and confident. Researcher Professor Emmanuele Jannini, of the University of L'Aquila in Italy, found that sex stimulates the production of testosterone. PrimeMale is a new testosterone booster that is designed to overcome symptoms of low testosterone.
Chances are that you are on this site because you want to enhance your muscle development, build on your athletic performance, and enjoy an overall sense of well-being. Tribulus Terrestris is an herb also known as the puncture vine, and has been used for centuries in Europe as a treatment for impotence and as a stimulant to help enhance performance.
Athletes are using Tribulus Terrestris to help ensure their own natural levels of testosterone are at a normal level at all times. Aside from the obvious of being a great leg and hip developer, the stimulus from squatting can also enhance testosterone and human growth hormone.
Despite the differences between individuals, here are some performance tips that are common to everyone.

On the athletic front, this potent herb has been studied and observed to enhance luteinizing hormone (LH) production and raise testosterone levels. The properties of deer antler velvet increases Growth Hormone (GH) levels and boosts testosterone.
In fact, a person that has used a prohormone, should use Tribulus Terrestris on the "off cycle" to help their own testosterone levels return to normal, which is what the prohormone will suppress.
Studies show that effective dosages of pure antler velvet promoted an overall increase GH and Testosterone levels which are important for lean muscle, vibrant energy, and sexual health. On the "off cycle", many men feel weak, tired and moody because their own natural testosterone levels have been suppressed.
Elevated testosterone levels lead to gain in strength & vigor while reducing recovery time.

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