Laura Phelps-Sweatt- the strongest woman ever in powerliftingLaura Phelps-Sweatt, owner of CrossFit Conjugate & Sweatt Shop Personal Training in Cincinnati, OH. Tickets for the July 13-15 event have been sold out since June 1, with 10,000 CrossFit fans eagerly throwing down $40-$60 for a weekend pass. That’s nearly double the 6,500 tickets redeemed on the busiest day of the competition in 2011, and Bergh said CrossFit is poised to keep growing. Workouts constantly change and are known for their high levels of intensity — everything from running with sandbags, rope climbing and classic Olympic-style weightlifting exercises like the clean and jerk or the snatch. Caywood said the broadcast of the games also generates a lot of interest from local residents, who Google their local CrossFit affiliates after seeing a telecast of the event and call to inquire about training among some of the fittest men and women in their community. And joining a CrossFit affiliate means a chance to compete in the CrossFit Open, the first of two qualifiers to land a spot among the top 90 male and female athletes who eventually compete in the Games.
In 2012, over 68,000 CrossFitters competed in the Open, trying to win a spot to compete in one of 17 regional competitions at sites like the Richmond (British Columbia) Olympic Oval, the Los Angeles County Fairplex in Pomona, Calif., and the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castlerock, Colo.
CrossFit brings in 50 top-level national judges for the Games, plus another 80 judges with regional experience.

CrossFit also has its own in-house media team, with web videos, articles and photo galleries regularly updated with new content.
And nearly everyone expects the sport to continue to grow, including CrossFit Long Beach’s Cross who noted that the number of local competitions, affiliates and members show no sign of stopping. In response to increasing demand from fans, the CrossFit Games released a second allotment with limited access to some of the vendor villages around the event. Over 4,000 gyms worldwide now operate under the CrossFit flag, following the principles of founder Glassman, who created the first CrossFit in Santa Cruz in 2000. Each day, Glassman would post new workouts online, designed to be followed with near exact precision by an increasing number of former college athletes, active duty and discharged military, and law enforcement professionals looking for ways to maintain an elite level of fitness. Exercises are usually combined and athletes compete to finish their workouts against the clock. That includes the Paleo Shack, which sells wild Pacific-caught Mahi Mahi, and Burger Lounge which uses beef from grass-fed cows. CrossFit is in the second year of a media partnership with ESPN — competitions are broadcast live on ESPN 3, and CrossFit produced 12 episodes for ESPN 2.

She demands the best from herself and in all choices she makes that create the habits of a champion. She started doing CrossFit about two years ago when her brother opened up Bergen’s first CrossFit gym, and she’s been going strong ever since.
CrossFit Games General Manager Justin Bergh said they sold 1,100 of those tickets (also $50) during the first 90 minutes they went on sale Monday, with another 3,000 to go. Everything from specialty workout shoes to nutritional supplements to designer clothes is available and for many spectators, the games are a once-a-year shopping opportunity to pick up new workout equipmemt.

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