The circuit described here is a step-up converter to drive 20 LEDs, designed to be used as a home-made ceiling night light for a child’s bedroom. By changing the external components the circuit can easily be modified for other applications. The power components D1, T1 and L1 are considerably over specified here, since the circuit was originally designed for a different application that required higher power.

To adjust the circuit, the potentiometer should first be set to maximum resistance and a multimeter set to a 200 mA DC current range should be inserted in series with the output to the LEDs. This ICs can be used of 3 model, the two model first is a fixed 5V and 12V, are also use in a modified a voltage too , By the adjustments how a voltage divider with two resistors, of the output,of the 8-pin terminals and connected to compare the internal pressure in the circuit. The circuit is designed so that output voltages of between 20 V and 60 V can be set using P1.

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