Don’t do it, do not start your New Year exercise journey with an excuse for skipping a workout session. Broad Jump: In squat position (heels outside of shoulders and toes slightly pointed outward) lower down until your knees are almost at 90 degrees.
As your feet land, lift your hands off the ground moving back into squat position to start again. Jump up out of the squat and in mid air move into the opposite lunge position with your right leg forward.

Lower down into a squat, keeping your chest up, back straight and your knees pointing out toward your toes.
When you’ve reached the bottom of the squat (knees at 90 degrees or just below) raise up half way, then drop back down to the bottom of the squat, this is the “pulse”.
Land again in squat position focusing on keeping your legs relaxed during the landing, not locked, and repeat.
As featured in our Active Living Magazine, Personal Trainer Kayla Itsines is back with this high intensity circuit workout.

By starting the move towards a fitter, more stronger you today, we promise that bit by bit you will build up more strength and courage to tackle those harder workouts both in and outside the gym. Checkout her website to learn more about her Bikini Body Guide and Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan.

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