Remember from your high school physics that the sum of the forces in the X,Y, and Z directions must be zero. So, the main difference between squat and a leg machine is that in the leg press, the spine is under no compressive load whereas in the squat, the spine is supporting the full weight.
Passions run really high with squats and for those who do them, its almost like a religion. Second, it is reasonable to assume that the amount of hormones released are proportional to the stress put on the body, that is, ear-wiggles are not going to release as much testosterone as squats.
Now that the myths are out of the way, lets look at why the powerlifters have something here. 0printFats on thighs are always a problem that makes it an obsession for every woman to get rid of them. Squats are a great mass-building, compound exercise that work the quads, hamstrings, glutes, core while enlisting many smaller stabilizing muscles as well.
If you have a 495 pound bar sitting across your shoulders in a squat then the ground must be pushing back up with an equal but opposite 495 pounds of force to keep you from sinking into the floor.
With squats, the stronger your legs are, the more weight you need to use and the more compressive load your spine is under. The amount of stress put on your muscles is probably proportional to the amount of force times the distance that force was moved. You can also try the plyometric squat which includes jumping up out on your squat position and land again in a squat position. Other general cardio workouts like dancing, aerobic exercise, spinning, and step aerobic are also very helpful in burning fats.

Its an exercise that only requires an olympic bar and a rack which are available at virtually every gym in the world. The reason given is that because squats involve balance, they are a whole body exercise working the small stabilizing muscles as well as all the large leg muscles. The squat advocates would have you believe that only squats can increase testosterone and growth hormone which allows the entire body to pack on massive amounts of muscle mass.
If you look again at the above diagram, the bodybuilder doing the squats will release just as much testosterone as the bodybuilder doing leg press because they are both pushing with 495 pounds of force and moving down the same distance. Sometimes you might feel that fats are clinging on to them, despite all the efforts you’ve made. Step forward with one foot, at the same time lower your body so that your outermost leg is bent at a 90-degree angle and your back leg’s knee is about 1 inch off the floor. If you ask any pro powerlifter or bodybuilder, they will probably list it as the #1 most important exercise. But squats are not magical as lore has made them out to be and they are definitely not for everyone. I find it interesting that most of the people making this claim are self-proclaimed gym-rats, that is, people who don’t do any sports outside the gym. In the case of the 45 degree leg press, its simple leverage that lets you lift more than you can squat.
Place them on the floor and as you lower your body in a squatting position, stand up and pick it up on your next squat.
Good technique and a strong core can lessen the spinal compression somewhat but squats compress the spine – period. Yes, all types of strenuous resistance training (not just squats) cause a temporary increase in testosterone and growth hormone – a few hours to a day.

Cardio vascular exercise is the best way to burn fat, but there are some exercises that you can do to speed up the slimming efforts. A safe and effective substitute for squats is to do leg press, leg curls and then a game of basketball, soccer, volleyball, rugby, hockey, or lacrosse to work the stabilizing muscles. In addition, the squatter is lifting their own bodyweight in addition to the 495 pound bar, this is not the case for the leg presser.
Here are some simple thigh fat burning exercises that you can do while you are burning leg fat at home.
The sum of the forces again is zero and the legs are under 495 pounds of compressive force just as in the squats.
These people with back problems should use machines like the leg press because the leg press is far superior to squats when it comes to back safety. But powerlifting doesn’t have a monopoly on heavy lifting, its just that powerlifters are often more motivated and hardcore than machine users. Its that hardcore mindset and focus that is necessary to pack on muscle mass and powerlifters have it. There is no reason that you cant get just as strenuous a workout from machines and release the same amount of testosterone but you gotta put your head down, furl your brow, and grunt.

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