Ronnie Coleman’s Massive Back Muscles In his prime, Ronnie Coleman had one of the most incredible back spreads of his time, if not the best! When Ronnie Coleman did this, you could see every muscle fiber in his back, it was an incredible sight to see, especially in person!
Some of Big Ron’s favorite exercises to build up his lats and back muscles are barbell rows, seated cable rows, lever machine pull downs, T-bar rows, and one arm dumbbell row.

Most know that Coleman never fell short in arm size, but most don’t know how big his back was until he flexed and showed of his lats.
Most people that stand next to Ronnie Coleman are easily engulfed by his size, it’s almost overwhelming seeing him flex his back muscles. And just so you know, as you build up your back muscles, these exercises will get easier each and every day!

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