RhomboidsThe rhomboids are a muscle group consisting of an upper part, the rhomboid minor, and a lower part, the rhomboid major. Sets and RepetitionsIt is recommended to perform three sets of six to eight repetitions per each back exercise for strength-increasing purposes. Following Part 1 of the ‘Thoracic Spine in Sport’ series, I thought I would share my top 10 favourite exercises to enhance the function of the thoracic spine. The ‘bow and arrow’ is one of my go-to mobility exercises to improve thoracic rotation, especially in an acute presentation, as it allows a client to gradually increase their range in a comfortable side-lying position. The exercise can also be used as a sustained stretch (especially for the pectoral muscle) with arms placed in to 90 degrees shoulder flexion and external rotation. The ‘single arm row’ focuses on strengthening the rhomboids and mid-lower fibres of trapezius, as well as working on the motor control of the scapula under load.
Similar to the ‘single arm row’, the ‘skiing’ exercise strengthens through the posterior chain musculature, whilst also stabilizing through the core and abdominals. If you haven’t got the idea previously, I’m big on rotation and this exercise is great to help mobilise and strengthen through the thoracic spine.
The ‘YTMW’ is great exercise to strengthen the lower trapezius, rhomboids, and overall shoulder stability.
The ‘lunge with ball throw’ is a good functional exercise that not only works on thoracic spine rotation, but also targets core and pelvic stability.
There are many different variations and progressions to all of the exercises; however, these are my top 10 favourite and exercise that I use almost every day.

The barbell bicep curl is a great way to work both heads of the biceps with a heavier weight than we can typically handle with dumbbells. Resistance Band: External RotationStrengthen your rear deltoid with the external rotation resistance band exercise.
Prone External Rotation ExercisePerform the prone external rotation exercise to strengthen your rear deltoid muscle. Although it is easier to improve muscular strength and endurance with weight equipment, it is also possible to accomplish this with some simple exercises.
Do the repetitions using the maximum amount of weight that allows for the aforementioned number of reps.
He holds an American College of Sports Medicine CPT, and a National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association CMMACC. Strengthening the area generally involves weights, but many exercises don't require them and are good options for a home workout. The motion of the exercise activates your trapezius muscles, making it a good way to strengthen the area. Therefore, I find athletes need to have a good level of control before progressing up to heavily weighted exercises. If you have any other exercises of your own that you commonly use then please feel free to share! Then this 30 minute workout without weights and these exercises without weights are exactly what you’re beckieburr.

Sit on the seat of the weight machine and slide forward until your chest is resting against the pad.
The rhomboids are much smaller muscles that cannot be seen superficially and are thus called deep muscles.
Strong shoulder muscles make many day-to-day activities easier and improve your performance during exercise and organized sports.
They sure do look pretty, but the work it takes to get them is far The Bicep Cable Curl is an effective exercise for strengthening the biceps.
All of these back muscles can be strengthened with the use of free weights, such as barbells and dumbbells.
Therefore, the same arm rowing and scapula retraction exercises that target the middle and lower trapezius also target the rhomboids.
The most effective exercises for this muscle are the weighted pullup, the lying dumbbell pullover, the bent-over barbell row and the bent-over dumbbell row.

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