Creating a new, very low energy building or improving the energy performance of an existing building gives us greater control over energy costs. Defining very low energy buildings and the criteria upon which a building’s energy performance is rated varies from market to market.
For a home owner, insulation provides a sound investment and is one of the most effective ways to save CO2 and improve quality of life. One of the best reasons why I think you should shoot film in Street Photography is because you can get in the game for a very low cost.
Something that digital just can’t do yet is to produce good organic looking grain, especially in low light images. What I have noticed personally (and this was the main reason why I switched to film a couple of years ago) was that digital cameras with all their image processing, automatic metering and amazingly super-fast autofocusing turned my Street Photography experience into a point and shoot game.
One of the reasons why we Street Hunters love shooting Street Photography so much is because we enjoy being outside, in the streets.
Fellow Street Photographers that shoot film already know all the above reasons and probably even more and that is why they prefer to shoot analogue rather than digital. Be it for a family home, primary school, office building or factory, very low energy buildings are now attainable at very reasonable prices. Low energy buildings create a great indoor climate by using the latest building techniques to deliver homes and workspaces that are free from unwelcome draughts. Typically, very low energy buildings use at least 50% less energy than the minimum required by the national building regulations.
According to the German body, Deutsche Energie-Agentur, renovating a very poorly insulated 150m? house, built to 1970s energy standards, would reduce household energy demands by 3,600 litres of oil per year.

Although initial costs may be slightly higher than those incurred by a traditional building approach, the health, comfort and huge savings that flow from investing in reliable low energy solutions very quickly pays dividends.
The reasons are many, but the basic and most obvious one is that like everything else surrounding us, photography too has been digitised.
Most Street Photographers carry a 2nd or even a 3rd battery for that reason, especially the more prolific ones. You can purchase great film cameras online for the fraction of the price of a digital camera, buy yourself a few rolls of film and off you go, you are ready to hit the streets and make street photos. So, for example if you are a Street Photographer that loves grainy B&W shots, you can use Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 800 or even 1600 and get the same results each time. Low and stable oil prices seem to be a thing of the past and energy prices have risen to record highs over the last few years. According to ASPO, The Association for the Study of Peak Oil, we are consuming many times more conventional oil than is being discovered – making security of energy supply an increasingly difficult and expensive challenge. If you believe -- as almost all economists and investors do -- that higher interest rates are deflationary, then you have to wonder why the Fed is considering raising rates even though inflation remains lower than the Fed says it wants.• China is crashing. Although the Chinese government insists that its economy is still expanding at a nice 7 percent clip, most people believe that growth -- which for years powered the global economy -- is spluttering. Another reason is that contrary to Digital RAW files, film negatives can’t be saved from really bad exposures. If you are already a film Street Photographer please share with us what your reasons are for shooting analogue.
Digital photographs, especially RAW files look quite boring and dead out of the camera and almost always need post processing that could last for as long as 5 or 10 minutes.

Before we say goodbye, we would like to present you with a few more reasons why film is generally cool to shoot with, not taking into account the Street Photography parameter. If you do the maths, you can see that you can have your “new” old camera and your first 1000 photos shot and developed for around €350 – €400. I have thought about this many times, especially during my transition from digital to film 2 years ago and I’m come up with 13 reasons why I think you should shoot film in Street Photography. Although unemployment is back down below 6 percent, some of that reflects an exit of workers from the labor force. However, the ratio of employment to working-age population remains much lower than it was throughout the 2000s. That might reflect a harsher regulatory environment, but when we take low inflation into account, it becomes clear that a hangover of low demand is the much more likely explanation -- and raising interest rates now might further depress demand.So there are big reasons for the Fed to delay increasing rates. Expectation anchoring basically means that if rates stay near zero for long enough, investors will come to count on permanent near-zero rates. In other words, given the vagaries of human psychology, leaving rates too low for too long would increase the future harm from raising them.

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