Their newest product, called The Pull-Ups Big Kid App, has come along at the perfect time in our house.
The Pull-Ups Big Kid App is available as a free download via the Apple iTunes App store and Google Play for Android. Many thanks to Pull-Ups for sponsoring today’s post and helping me potty train with the Big Kid Academy. My daughter is in her Pull-Up years right now and is slowly making her way towards potty independence!
Elin Loves Doc and the gang, so she was thrilled to check the pull-ups out and was excited to try something new on.

I thought the Pez method worked well but the Pull-Ups Big Kid app has made potty training fun and exciting for all of us.
I was hoping I could be one of those people who claimed that their kids potty trained themselves by following benign neglect. I let her know that these were because she is becoming a big girl and that this was so exciting to get new pull-ups!
When I signed up for the Big Kid Academy, I came across the cutest potty training progress chart that you can download (it’s free!)¬†with no other than Mickey and Minnie adorning it. I would love to explain exactly how everything works but this Pull-Ups video does a way better job than I could do!

However, recently I came across the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy and now I am feeling more assured and ready to start the challenge.

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