As the name implies this injury occurs when the muscle is pulled or stretched beyond its capacity cause the fibers or tendons to tear.
A quadriceps strain, or a pulled quad muscle, occurs when there is a partial tear in one or more of the small fibers that make up your quadriceps muscles. Strains can be rated mild, moderate or severe depending on how many muscle fibers are torn. The quadriceps are a large group of four muscles located in the front of your thigh that stretch from your hip to your knee – a tear in any of these muscles is considered a pulled quad muscle. More simply put, imagine contracting (tensing) your muscle in one direction while simultaneously it is being forced in the opposite direction by some outside force.

Running along your muscles are never fibers that help keep track of how much they are stretched.
If the muscle you hurt is supposed to lift your arm then fire the muscles that are supposed to lower your arm. If you pull your quads in anything by a minor way, it’s in your best interest to address it properly.
When your muscle is pulled beyond what it should this whole system gets messed up and the nerves can be irritated which equals pain. When you fire the opposite side it’s like hitting a reset button which can help those nerves to get re-aligned with the muscle.

By coming in for an appointment right after the injury you can get it checked by a professional so see how bad it is, get training in how to take care of yourself and maybe even get some gentle treatment to help prevent further damage.

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