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Anderson Silva voltou ontem aos treinos na academia X-Gym, uma das maiores e mais equipadas do Rio de Janeiro.
Anderson silva knockout kick
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How to get arm muscles for 13 year olds

Big arms fast

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Barbell Curl- As far as isolation movements go, this is the best one there is when it comes to building big biceps. Fast forward 15 years later, and I probably trained my arms harder than anything else in the gym. Now that I am a little older and a l...
Big arms fast
I was also very pleased to find a USB socket on a lead that would be suitable to mount on something other than a circuit board. So I have descided on an experiment to build a simple circuit to power the USB socket from the existing 12v. I just brough...
12v to 5v converter usb
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If you're looking for some free workout routines because you're short of ideas or want to try something new, this is the right place for you. If you surf the internet you can find plenty of free workout routines, but sometimes they're not very well p...
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