Protein, carbs and water are the necessary components in order to replenish our body, glycogen storage (the storage of carbohydrates in our muscles and liver, aka our energy) and re-build our muscles. The idea behind protein shakes is that it skips a digestive step because the nutrition is already in liquid form.
Now there are plenty of junk protein powders out there – heavily processed, filled with sugar and other chemicals. I am very obsessive about it, will get a protein bar and banana if I cannot consume a meal right away, but I always try to have a meal within that magic window.
No matter what you eat as a meal or as a snack post-workout, be sure to drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself.
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and we need to obtain the essential amino acids because our body cannot produce them. From stuffing my face with pasta, to a few different protein oatmeal creations (like this one and this one), to protein pancakes (like these and these), to experimenting with a bunch of protein powders (like these and these), to a hard boiled egg and banana. My blog posts are based upon my coursework, additional research, personal views and experiences.

I normally go with a protein shake and then have eggy oats or an omelette with greens and quinoa – it depends. Sometimes I will put some protein powder in the smoothie but other times I just whack some nuts in. Your post-workout nutrition really depends on you, your body, your activity and your goals.
Our muscles are made up of three branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) and the most abundant of these BCAAs is called leucine (it is believed to best stimulate muscle protein synthesis).
I really like North Coast Naturals’ brown rice protein powder because it is virtually tasteless and plant-based. It’s so funny you wrote this post because the other day I was going to text you after a short run because I realized my net calories for the day (it was 4pm) were really low. Therefore we need to replenish our body by eating (or drinking) sources of protein – especially leucine. I found that good food make good workouts :-) I used to wait up to 2 hours after a workout with my next meal in order to lengthen the afterburn.

It is so important to consume protein and carbohydrates within that window, but so many people do not. Plus, they are full of protein and even have vitamin D, so it’s a perfect post-workout option.
I’ve been buying stuff at the grocery store to make my own at home for after workouts. In order to obtain all of the amino acids, taking a BCAA supplement (like in capsule form) is an option. If you are looking for a complete protein source for your shakes, 100% New Zealand whey is ideal. Most of the time, I just time my workouts right before a meal and then eat that meal immediately after.

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