Anyway, coming back to the subject, although Phil won another Sandow trophy last night, it wasn’t an easy one, even with Kai and Cedric out of the finals. The coverage of the show was way better and I was honored to see Phil Heath becoming officially the best bodybuilder on Earth for the fifth time. I don’t know how many of you realize, but Phil Heath is 35 years old, while Kai Greene is 40 years old.

However, I now think that the biggest menace for Phil’s reign is not Big Ramy, nor Dennis Wolf, but rather Shawn Rhoden, who defeated Wolf last night and was pretty close to defeating Dex too.
Su frenetico ritmo de vida no le ha impedido organizarse para lograr su objetivo.Phil Heath durante el showSu fisico ha vuelto a conquistar a los jueces, que no han dudado en otorgarle el primer puesto. Phil Heath ha conseguido crear un nuevo estandar fisico, alejado de las enormes proporciones de la era de Ronnie Coleman.

Ahora, el cuerpo que manda es mas equilibrado, busca una armonia que guste a todos los publicos y se centra en la perfeccion de las formas y en la definicion muscular.Phil Heath, Mr Olympia 2015Phil Heath, apodado The Gift, quiza deberia ir pensando en cambiar su apodo por The King.

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