Milwaukee County UW-Extension participates in the Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program (WNEP). Read our news release about WNEP nutrition education laying the groundwork for healthy lifestyles in Milwaukee’s Lindsay Heights neighborhood. In partnership with Milwaukee Public Schools, WNEP provides lessons on choosing healthier snacks, food safety, and eating a variety of healthy foods for students in over 50 schools. In partnership with the Milwaukee County Department on Aging and other local senior centers, WNEP provides nutrition education for older adults on eating foods with less fat, increasing intake of fruits and vegetables, tips on menu planning, and shopping for one or two. In partnership with a variety of community partners, WNEP provides nutrition education to parents and caregivers.

WNEP works with many other community partners like SDC Head Start, Children’s Outing Association, Milwaukee County WIC, Second Harvest, Hunger Task Force, and Milwaukee County Corrections providing nutrition lessons on topics such as feeding young children, healthier snacking, purchasing nutritious foods, preparing foods in healthier ways, and eating a variety of nutritious foods every day. If you have additional questions about the Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program, please contact one the member of our staff.
I found a link to a PDF with some basic guidelines from the Ontario Lacrosse Association on general nutrition, but also on what to eat on days of tournaments with multiple games. View the handout describing how WNEP curricula fits with Wisconsin Nutrition Education Standards. For information on the nutritional needs of seniors, take a look at the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and NIH Senior Health.

I get many questions from parents if I give their child nutritional advice during our training sessions. The reason for this is that the person I really need to talk to about nutrition is not the kid, but the parent.
Every athlete that signs up for Summer Training Programs at The Dynamic Athlete will be receiving nutritional information handouts to maximize their results!

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