Even though women also have testosterone, high testosterone levels are often associated with the essence of manhood. These four natural methods have been proven by experts when it comes to boosting testosterone levels. Include de-stressing in the list, since the stress hormone, cortisol, interferes with the production of testosterone as well as its effects.
According to a research, which was presented during the 2012 meeting of Endocrine Society, overweight men are more prone to low testosterone levels.

By the age of 30, your hormone levels will drop, but you can increase it by following the tips above. It is therefore important for them to shed the extra pounds, which is the most natural way to improve the hormone production.
If you are experiencing a decline on your testosterone numbers, try to achieve at least seven hours of sleep. For instance, if you always lie on the couch, the brain will believe that you don’t really need a lot of testosterone to bolster your bones and muscles.

Although there are supplements and treatments that are believed to boost the hormone production, there are alternative ways that don’t rely on these commercial products.

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