Scientifically speaking, the best form of training for a Mesomorph would be lifting heavy weights with a great power output (explosive training). I am more Mesomorph then anything but am female so the type of training they suggest dies NOT work for me. The mesomorph will benefit from AthLEAN-X’s built in challenges assuring that they are constantly pushing themselves to break through plateus and consistently achieve their goals. Mesomorph body types are usually very athletic looking and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye (jacked, ripped, and cut up), and walk with a very good posture.

Endomorphs are generally big boned and have broad shoulders as well as a broad back, so if they put their minds to it and stick with a good workout regime and dietary plan, they can be some nasty lookin, ripped up motherf*’ers.
Mesomorphs can build muscle faster than any other body type and can also lose fat much faster than other body types, when eating right that is. Knowing about these different body types, their unique qualities and how they operate and respond to weight training and diet can help you achieve your goals no matter what kind of body type you happen to be. Unlike ectomorphs though, the mesomorph metabolism runs a lot slower-meaning that it's also a lot easier for them to put on fat.

A mesomorph who wants to remain lean will have to be sure to mix in plenty of cardio with his lifting.

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