It's about time that I do an article on how to get a lean ripped body for men because I know that many guys want to get a physique that is extremely cut with a very high level of muscle definition, but don't know what to do to actually get it. Getting lean and ripped is accomplished by successfully losing body fat while allowing your muscles to remain in place properly.
Your diet for getting lean must meet your nutritional requirements for losing fat without losing muscle.
The right calorie deficit for getting lean must be created from your TDEE, but it should also take your body fat level into consideration. When it comes to your fat loss workout to get lean and ripped, you'll want to have a program that combines resistance training with cardio.
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Get more lean by focusing on a quality nutrition program and strength building workouts that include interval training in your cardio.
If you are relatively lean and just want to get leaner you should not make drastic cuts to your calorie intake as it may lead to muscle loss. When it comes to putting together a concise plan of action to transform your body, diet and exercise are the most important factors that come into play. I recommend 250-400 calories reduction from your maintenance level if you are lean and trying to get ripped. This is the top nutrition rule that you have to get right and then  the other variables will fit into place to make your overall nutrition plan well-structured.
They have a real wide choice these days, and pudgy guys don't make the first cut.CLICK HERE for a proven program to cut belly fat and get more leanThe Internet is filled with hype about adding slabs of muscle while you blowtorch off belly fat, but the success rate of most of those programs is zilch.

Work hard, work intensely, shower and go home.Get More Lean - Do cardio with a purposeOptimal nutrition prepares your body to go hard, strength training builds lean muscle mass to jack-up your metabolism, and structured cardio burns belly fat.
You lay waste to love handles and get rid of man boobs burning off fat.You can do cardio everyday, just alter the intensity.

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