If you watch TV, you’re bound to see commercials for men, asking them to talk to their doctor about their testosterone levels. Produced in the testicles, testosterone is a hormone that’s crucial for the development of male sexual characteristics.
I recently worked on a study that found that men with Type 2 diabetes are more likely to have low testosterone. I encourage men to speak to an endocrinologist with any questions about their testosterone levels, since they specialize in diseases related to the glands and hormones. If you find out you have low testosterone, simply replacing the testosterone wouldn’t be my first response.
If everything is okay in the pituitary gland, testosterone replacement can be as simple as gels, shots or creams. Male menopause is a term used to describe men's falling testosterone levels as they age, and the resulting effects on the body and mind. Deficiency (lack) of testosterone occurs when the testicles produce not enough testosterone.

If the lack of testosterone begins before puberty, sexual maturation slows down, the child doesn’t grow up properly and its voice remains childish. If the testosterone deficiency occurs after the puberty had finished, and the reasons can be inherited or acquired, the following symptoms may occur: sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, irritability, anxiety, feeling of weakness, decreased libido and virility, sensation of repeated heat waves and sweating. Men suffering from low testosterone production also suffer a decrease in muscle mass and increase in body weight and body fat.
Usually this condition is treated by application of the required missing amount of testosterone to the organism. It has been proven that with proper higher intensity training which trigger major muscle groups, you can increase the secretion of testosterone during and after the exercise by up to 40%.
Other reasons why men could have low testosterone might be trauma to the testes or a head injury.
Most of the time, a man’s significant other has been the one to notice a change in his mood, a lower sex drive or depression. He has special expertise in the areas of thyroid cancer and ultra-sonography, bone health and testosterone disorders.

Male menopause symptoms include erectile dysfunction, problems with memory, sweating, anxiety, depression, disturbed sleep, short temper, and a lack of interest in sex. The testosterone that is injected into the bloodstream is just like the natural testosterone produced by the testicles. That’s because the pituitary gland, located in the head, is responsible for producing a variety of hormones that control testosterone levels.
Though other health disorders can cause erectile inaction, testosterone deficiency is a strong factor that can affect it. Through the bloodstream the testosterone is spread throughout the body, it goes to all targeted organs where it acts the same way as the testosterone produced in the testicles.
On the other hand, you should avoid foods with low amounts of carbohydrates and high protein values because they reduce production of testosterone.

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