For an introduction to Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy (T HRT), see the first part of the series. It is actually recommended to start on a low dose, and build your way up to a regular dose. Finally, I met with my now-current physician, who also mentioned one very important thing: above all, try to get the same dose every day. 10% cream is NOT considered low dose (not saying you said so), but it is more full dose and you will transition. I believe I meant to say one 30mg shot every two weeks, though in retrospect that sounds too low.
I think that is the lowest advisable dose, any lower and the effects would be cancelled out or even aromatized into estrogen. I think people are putting WAY too much emphasis on the dose, and not their actual T levels. Check out this article for an example of the benefits of low dose for easing into your voice (especially if you are a singer, but also in general). Women are prescribed T to increase libido, and there is a magic low-enough dose where they don’t see the masculinization effects of it, yet do experience the side effect of increased sex drive.

This is true whenever your dosage is different than the expected one, whether lower or higher.
I am on low-dose testosterone cream and wanted to put in my experience since it’s very different from what you described. I’m a menopausal woman and get my testosterone and estrogen creams in a Topi-click dispenser.
I have been on T pellets to bring my levels up to the normal female range (my T was nearly zero) but have decided to switch to injections and go a bit higher in dose. I’ve been debating whether to start T for years now and reading about low dose here really helped me decide to go for it.
I’ve gathered some information from articles that lay out testosterone dosage, covered in the Introduction to Testosterone HRT post, and compiled it with various personal accounts of those on a self-reported low dose.
Some guys do not absorb the t-cream or gel as well so they would in effect have a low dose. I want something that will put me in the more androgynous zone of physical appearance, not where I’m at right now (I also hate the male side of my genetics with the body hair).
It sounds like you want to try a lower dose for a couple of months, maybe that will work better for you.

Went to an informed consent clinic today and was surprised to find that the practitioner was kind of dismissive of my desire to start very low and go slow. Other instances in which low dose is recommended is for those who have pre-existing conditions of physical or mental health, such as thyroid disorders or a history of anxiety and depression.
In some cases, taking too low a dose may even be counterproductive, as it “aromatizes” (converts) into estrogen! While these sorts of conditions do not usually make you ineligible for HRT, it is probably advisable to go low dose, at least at first. I had to argue my case to get her to agree to write for a lower dose – she finally wrote for 25mg bi-weekly, though I might start at 20mg bi-weekly until I feel more comfortable.

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