September 12, 2014 By Carolyn 33 Comments Low carb chocolate brownie energy bites that are easy to make and require no oven! The problem with making these little energy bites without dates or honey or some other sticky, sugary ingredient is getting them to actually stick together. Those NO Bake Chocolate Brownie Energy Bites looks so delicious and they are so healthy as well. It seemed almost too good to be true, a little bite-sized ball of deliciousness, promising to be healthy and offering a quick energy boost.
Oh, and my low-carb, exercise-loving mom and step-dad are coming to France this week and I am going to be all over your website finding the perfect recipes for them.

It is no wonder I was captivated by these fruit and nut studded energy bites that have appeared on food blogs recently. And that which we call an energy bite would taste just as delicious were it to be called an energy ball. The chocolate dipped version were definitely a little more decadent and dessert-like, whereas the plain energy bites were like a quick little snack. These bites are perfect for helping him get through his commute home and are great with coffee in the morning. I played around with whatever there was in my pantry and came up with these No-Bake Apricot Melon Energy Bites.

I found that the coconut oil made the mixture quite greasy when I was rolling out the balls, but it reabsorbed as they sat for a bit.
These look like just the thing for a midday boost of energy Reply The Spicy RD says: October 23, 2015 at 8:47 amHi Viviane!
To be completely honest, since I was busy recipe testing yesterday, the only thing I had to eat all day until dinner were a few of these energy bits.

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