Here, Jillian offers you a less aggressive—but highly effective—routine that you can do every other day. Better yet, this four-part program fits in perfectly with one of Jillian's favorite get-fit approaches: fast moves that target several areas of the body at the same time.
Jillian is also a big fan of strength—or resistance—training, a key component of the four moves she demonstrates for us. With nearly 20 years as a personal trainer, a long list of top-selling fitness DVDs and four New York Times bestsellers, Jillian is a firm believer in the lifelong power of a healthy body.

As you check out Jillian’s moves, determine which of the three challenge levels is appropriate.
That said, the exercises here—a sneak peek from Jillian's newest DVD, Jillian Michaels Killer Abs, out in September—are meant to complement your existing workout routine twice a week.
Whether snapping out orders on Losing It With Jillian or urging contestants on The Biggest Loser to try to bench-press her, her kick-butt approach to fitness has gotten amazing results. This total-body program lets you focus on tough-to-tame spots like your abdominals, thighs and rear end and choose from three levels of challenge for each exercise.

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