Click here to read more of her article or click on the book for more information at Amazon. Since soy products contain very little fat, be sure to add essential fatty acids and other expeller-pressed oils, such as olive oil and walnut oil, to your intake. Soy shakes do not offer fresh fruits and vegetables, so you will need to add them to the meal or to other meals and snacks. For high-quality protein, consider also eating a hard-boiled egg or some meat or fish for your meal. We question whether it is advisable to drink a soy shake every day because it does not give you high-quality, complete protein. Soon we would have a vaccine or something to prevent us from getting cancer just like we had for polio and smallpox. There is a pack for women, men, and those over 50, including vitamins, minerals, proteins and immune building!
Another goal Moms and Dads might have for their children this new school year is staying healthy!
If you have chosen to be a vegetarian but eat cheese, dairy, eggs, and fish, you can use the preceding meal ideas by substituting one of these for the meat suggestions.
Unfor­tunately, soy is not a complete protein because it doesn’t have all the essential amino acids, specifically methionine. If soy gives you gas, belching, or bloating, we suggest you avoid this food, as you would any food that gives you an unpleasant reaction. Stay up-to-date on these studies and, if there comes a time when the evidence is highly conclusive against soy, find another way to get quick meals.

With soy available in several forms, you will surely find tasty ways to incorporate it into your diet.Soy products such as tofu, tempeh and soy milk are rich in protein.
The statistics on incidences of cancer are not good with cancer playing a role in one out four deaths in our country. Because soy protein is not a complete protein—that is, it does not have the full range of essential amino acids—you need to have a food containing a complementary protein, either at the same meal or during the same day. Even with food combining, consuming 25 to 30 percent protein and only 30 to 40 percent carbs will be a challenge. Soybeans in their natural state are green and look like a cross between a snow pea pod and a green pea pod. You may need to add some high-quality animal protein, some milk, or some fat to your meal so that it gives you enough energy to last you for three hours.
Soybeans contain all the amino acids essential to human nutrition, which must be supplied in our diet because they cannot be synthesised in the human body.
Soy protein has changed my energy level, my skin, my muscle strength, and my immune response.
If you are a total vegetarian or vegan, however, meaning you eat no animal products, your protein choices are far more limited. Soy protein products can replace animal-based foods which also have complete proteins but tend to contain more fat, especially saturated fat.Soy is a good source of lecithin and vitamin E. It is available in cereals, pancake mixes, frozen desserts, and other common foods.Soymilk is produced by grinding dehulled soybeans mixed with water.
Used as a beverage, or substitute for cow’s milk, it is sometimes fortified with calcium.

It comes plain, or in vanilla, chocolate and coffee flavours.Textured soy protein is made from defatted, compressed, and dehydrated soy flour. These health benefits accrue mainly because of the quality of soy proteins and the presence of isoflavones like genistein and daidzein.Improves bone health. Soy products, such as soy milk, do not contain a lot of calcium but the isoflavones may help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
Several studies have suggested that soy isoflavones may be a factor that helps to prevent bone loss.
The isoflavone genistein helps to inhibit bone breakdown and may have oestrogen-like effects in maintaining bone tissue.Can also indirectly improve bone health. Replacing animal protein with soy protein may help prevent calcium loss from the bones.Relieves menopausal symptoms. The soy isoflavone genistein is evidenced to increase the flexibility of blood vessels.Helps prevent cancer.
Several studies have indicated that a regular intake of soy foods may help prevent hormone-related cancers of the breast, prostate and colon.It is important that, like all things that we eat, it is essential to monitor the intake of soybeans. Those who are allergic to soy products generally suffer from hives, diarrhoea, and breathing problems after eating soybeans.Soy Many WaysSoy milk [also called soymilk, soya milk, soybean milk, soy bean milk, soy drink, or soy beverage] is a milk-like beverage made from soybeans. Soy milk is promoted as a healthy alternative to cow’s milk -It contains no antibiotics, hormones, cholesterol, or links to cancer, diabetes, and other diseasesUseful in diabetes management thanks to its ability to control blood sugar levels.

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