Contrary to popular belief, a six-pack is not made in the gym—it’s made in the kitchen. Sure, you have to build some muscle if you want definition, but to reveal those coveted abs, your diet has to help blast away the fat layered on top that keeps them hidden. Here are five fat-torching steps to help melt away the fat for good, exposing that hidden six-pack. When it comes to getting lean—as opposed to just losing weight (and muscle in the process)—the quality of your calories matters. Studies have shown that calcium can play a direct role in body fat reduction because of its ability to increase fat burning, reduce fat absorption, and promote an increase in metabolic rate (7). On the Isagenix cleansing system, a weekly regimen of one or two Cleanse Days is paired with five or six Shake Days, where 2 shakes and a meal are consumed.

These five steps, especially with use of Isagenix products, are the tools you need to reveal your inner six-pack – for good!
This entry was posted in Athlete Nutrition, Energy, Weight Loss, Weight Management and tagged ageless essentials daily pack by Isagenix Nutritional Sciences. Some evidence also shows that calcium can prevent fat from being absorbed in the intestine.
The best absorption of calcium occurs when it is consumed over the course of the day, which is one of the reasons that the AEDP AM and PM packets are great.
Getting just enough carbohydrates along with fiber also helps you to feel full longer leading to a reduction of calories over time (3).

Calcium binds to dietary fat and bile in the gut forming a soap-like substance that cannot be absorbed. Sleeping less than six hours per night has been shown to disrupt as many as 700 different genes that regulate metabolism, immune system response, and stress response (10). In addition to boosting fat burning power and elimination, there’s some evidence that getting sufficient calcium may reduce food intake (7).

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