My favorite part is that you literally toss everything in the food processor and blend until you get a smooth pancake batter. I’m one of those gals that likes to plan ahead of time, so the night before I will add all the dry ingredients to the food processor to make my morning run that much smoother. I somehow managed to simultaneously pour the maple syrup, making a perfect drizzle over my pancake pile, while taking the photo with my other hand. A cross between fluffy cheesecake and doughy breakfast pancake, they also pack a huge protein punch.

And though I make many different types of pancakes, these little High Protein Pancakes are one of our favourites. But I have tried these pancakes with many different gluten-free flours, too, and find that brown rice flour works the best.
But my sisters and I never minded too much, because we knew the compensation was always a Saturday supper of pancakes and tea. They are thinner and much more moist and velvety, and a touch fragile, so it’s best to make them small-sized.

Quinoa flour raises the protein content of these pancakes even more, but adds an earthy flavour that may not appeal to everyone. Make them no larger than 3? to 4 inches (9cm) in diameter. Cook over medium-low heat until golden brown on the bottom, then flip carefully and brown the other side.

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