Biceps are actually comprised of two sets of muscles; the biceps themselves, and the smaller muscles that attach the biceps to the triceps. This should help you to get bigger biceps, and it is a good guideline to follow for you other muscle groups. The most effective method proven to enlarge your biceps is to provide stimulation across the entire muscles. Guys (and girls) with really awesome biceps have a definitive line separating the two heads. This will allow more blood flow to the muscle cell tissue, pumping nutrients, which you need to get bigger biceps, into the muscle. Plenty of rest Many people think that the more you train, the better results you’ll get.

You can accomplish this by flexing or squeezing the bicep at the top of every curl for approximately 2 seconds. This squeezing will cause the muscle to contract and force blood, water, and lactic acid into the contracted bicep thus intensifying each rep. A supine grip (palms facing in towards your thighs) should be used to get bigger biceps when using dumbbells.

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