Typcially, when you read about working the upper chest, you will hear a lot about incline exercises such as incline barbell or dumbell presses and incline flyes.
Essentially, you will be trying to bring the cable handles under your face rather than under your chest.
Keep your back arched and your chest puffed out and be sure to come around and forward as though sweeping your fist far out and around. Use a moderate weight for this exercise as we'll be focusing on the squeeze of the upper pecs and the feel of the exercise, not the amount of weight we're using. Keeping your arm slightly bent and stiff, raise the dumbell in a flye type motion in front of you, around and up until your upper arm is as vertical as you can get it. In his latest workout video, muscle building expert and top fitness model, Justin Woltering show you how to build some impressive pecs with this powerful upper chest workout.

Using some new cutting edge chest exercises and combining them with some of the tried and tested ones, this workout will hit your upper chest like never before and give you that full look you want. So watch the video above to see how to do each exercises and how to put it all together for one insane chest workout that will help you get results fast! The visual, proportional and functional benefits of building up this area are tremendous though! This small step forward puts more tension on the upper pecs at the start of the movement by increasing the stretch. However, as you bring the cables in, you should push your hands forward of your body in a wide arc rather than bringing them directly down under your torso. This is critical because the angle of your arms in this track will throw the vast majority of the tension directly onto your upper pec area.

You should feel a sharp burning sensation in your upper-midle pec area right on the cleavage between the two pecs. They will help hit those hard-to-reach upper-pec muscle fibers that are generally not worked with standard incline movements.
To really feel the movement working, place your non-working hand right on the upper, middle area of your chest as you do the exercise.

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