However, not everyone chooses the gym as their workout of choice and with $39 per month as the average loss to individuals through unused gym memberships it is financially more viable for people to look to alternative ways to exercise.
Aside from the nice surroundings, latest training equipment and organisational aspects of a gym there many advantages to an exercise regime conducted in your home environment. Many would argue that the support from fitness professionals in a gym environment is invaluable.
There are many ways to help you get started at home and a workout at home is no longer just about standing in front of the TV to an aerobics video. After my second child, the weight came off with working out at home, but the toning didn't. Without even considering the obvious financial savings, your home is a great place to start to begin your workout.
At home you can try out different things and find out what works and what doesn’t work for you without the public humiliation that a gym environment can bring.
However, even at home there is nothing to stop you employing a personal trainer who can help you design a program that works for you in and around your home.

Home fitness has come on leaps and bounds; you only have to think of the introduction of things like Xbox Kinect or Wii to realize how popular the home now is as a place to exercise.
Being at home means that you can go at your own pace, exercise at a time to your choosing and there’s no excuse – your home will never be too busy or crowded, there’ll be no parking issues or a queue for the shower cubicle!
Because I was a glorified single mom (my hubby was deployed), money was tight, and I was super self-conscious, I decided that working out at home was my best bet.
Entries completely unrelated to the theme or linked to your homepage will be deleted---we not about that life! For those who are particularly body conscious because of being overweight or even underweight, having a gym membership can be a barrier to exercise and a reason to put off going. Add to that the increasing recognition that people want a more hardcore workout at home with programs such as P90X or Body Beast now in the market place for people to purchase and complete at home. What it does show me is that I can achieve the same if not better results from working out at home. If your home is big enough there is nothing to stop you from investing in some home gym equipment or weights to bolster your home workout options.

There are no such pressures at home and providing you have the self motivation then getting started at home is quick and simple. These two specifically designed intensive programs mean that people can have the best of both worlds by bringing the intensity of the gym to a home workout. A home workout also maximises your time as there is no travelling to and from venues or being restricted to the opening hours of the gym. But now I understand, that I don't have to be in the gym 5 days a week to see my body change.

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