In a couple of recent posts, (here and here) I discussed the science behind High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT Training. I have also designed a custom HIIT workout geared to improve your vertical jump, click here. Today’s post will give you the tools to develop your own HIIT or Sprint Training program. Most of the research studies into HIIT have relied on stationary bicycles or ergo-meters to test the effectiveness of this training protocol. Simply put, as you increase the volume of your HIIT work, your anaerobic endurance improves and the amount of caloric burn increases.

The range of Sprints per Workout is to accommodate your improvements in HIIT Volume Progression. If I assume that you are already working out, you can either replace a traditional cardio workout with a HIIT workout or simply add on the HIIT workout if you think you can handle the added volume.
Love this article, I think you should link it from the front page of your site… I have been doing Burpees for the HIIT since there is no steep hill nearby where I can sprint. Studies have shown that HIIT actually improves aerobic conditioning contrary to what you describe. Wouldn’t refer to it as HIIT, but I incorporate dumbbells into my Ashtanga yoga workout and it kicks my butt.

In those posts, I discussed why HIIT is an essential tool in developing complete physical fitness as well as being a VERY effective fat burning tool. I decided to try it because I noticed that my sprinting ability and recovery time varies greatly throughout an HIIT workout and I saw no reason why our bodies should be designed to make the best performance gains on a specific interval schedule.
Depending upon your individual fitness, you may find the 30 second sprint harder than the 10 second, while your training partner may be the complete opposite.

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