My oldest son started first grade last week and I didn’t realize how excited I was to pack a lunch box for him each day. Day 1: Turkey, cheese, and spinach sandwich on multi-grain rounds from Costco (these are awesome because they are the same shape as the deli meat and cheese so it makes them a little easier to handle for little kids), mandarin, grapes, pistachios, gogurt, and a few coconut pieces for a sweet treat. Day 3: Peanut butter and jelly sushi (another favorite), mandarin, carrots, mini bell peppers, string cheese, and a fruit leather for a sweet treat.
Melissa Hadfield - I lived in Utah and now in Alaska and my boys have been able to bring peanut butter for lunch in both states.

For the pb&j sushi, even quicker than using flattened bread is to make them on whole wheat tortillas. Now you might want to ask me how much I love it in a few months, but for now it’s something fun and new and we have both been enjoying coming up with combinations of healthy food. I just forgot about it the night before and had to pick one up at 7-11 on the way to school. I am blessed to have kids who love fresh fruits and veggies and will eat (or at least try) everything in front of them so these lunch box ideas might not suit everyone, but I hope you can find some inspiration for something.

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