It is fine if you want eat at late-night before bed as long as you keep the total calorie intake. If you take hummus and carrots as healthy late-night snacks, you are not just getting vegetable nutrient in along with protein but also can make the crunchy carrot a fun snack to munch. Instead of having that juicy pear, you may try have some dried fruit as a healthy late-night snacks. Pumpkin seeds are not only delicious but also healthy late-night snack which is good for you. Some people love salty foods, if you crave these salty foods at night then nuts are your best option as healthy late-night snacks.

So just choose the above top 6 healthy late-night snack ideas you like but keep in mind to always choose low calorie foods for your healthy late-night snack.
But keep in mind to always consider healthy late-night snacks, the foods which are low in calorie and easy to digest.
Just choose your portion size, putting the right amount of healthy late-night snacks in a bowl and eating away from the kitchen means you less likely to come back for more which is good. The seeds contain protein and unsaturated fat, so they will satisfy your appetite and keep you away from snacking on the less-healthy options. Nuts is filled with lots of fiber so that’s why they can considered as healthy late-night snacks.

If you usually mix your cereal with whole milk, now you can try skim milk as healthy late-night snack option.

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