A comprehensive formula that ticks all the boxes, this includes arginine to aid nitric oxide production and glycerol for improved cell hydration.
Get constantly evolving workout and nutrition plans personalised for your specific needs and training goals. Please tick if you would prefer not to receive news & special offers from Hearst Magazines UK. The great thing about writing reviews within the supplement industry is that there is never a shortage of subject material. NDS Cardio Cuts Profile gets a respectable 8 from me and there are a few key things that I’m going to highlight that led me to this score. I felt Cardio Cuts’ stiff dose of beta alanine kick in almost immediately, and by the time I was done drinking it down, my face was pretty flushed and felt itchy and bad.I’ve had enough bA in my day to know that this is normal and ok- but I’ve never enjoyed the sensation. As I mentioned before, this product actually doesn’t call out that it’s for women only on the packaging.
Cardio Cuts from relative newcomer NDS Nutrition goes under the microscope in this complete in-depth review and official BPW write-up.
It’s not going to be one that you look forward to drinking every day- but it’s also not one that you have to choke down. Luckily, the initial beta alanine tingles settled down and were replaced by a pretty nice sense of focus and preparedness as the caffeine and synephrine hit my bloodstream. My hunch is that the product was developed with women in mind, but it also doesn’t alienate a male user which I think is pretty smart.
At the end of the day- I need to relate to you if this pre workout is worth your hard-earned money. Keep reading the official submission of Cardio Cuts to the best pre workout for women top ten of 2014! While this aforementioned is how I often find new products to review- I actually was exposed to NDS Nutrition Cardio Cuts by several readers emailing me and asking if I have had any experience with the product. While flavors such as black cherry, or raspberry lemonade are not particularly innovative, NDS provides enough options that no matter what your palette prefers, you will be able to find something suitable. Now zip down to the bottom of the supplement facts panel and you can see that the product contains a slew of waxy maize, maltodextrin, and some other junk.

While the ingredients themselves are simply un-imaginative and borderline pre-historic, I came into the performance test with a totally cynical mindset. Cardio Cuts is priced just high enough to make me hesitate in giving it that great of a score-especially considering it’s short-comings in terms of the formula. I’m guessing that all the new exposure is due to NDS Cardio Cuts becoming available in GNC. That means that 33% of your serving- over a third of your pretty pre workout drink, is just crummy, artificially sweetened and flavored junk.
I will always believe that the only things you need in a pre workout are caffeine, BCAAs, salt, and sugar. I think one of the strongest elements of NDS Cardio Cuts is actually it’s terrific packaging.
I was looking for primarily a good balance of tart and sweet- like a real authentic cherry flavor. Other negatives in this profile include an entire gram of the ‘active’ complex wasted on various forms of Arginine. That was not the case when I tested NDS Cardio Cuts pre workout for a particularly horrid treadmill and body-weight resistance training session. However, the fact that they named it pre-cardio weight-loss accelerant basically tells you all you need to know about who the product is targeting! This workout, which I do at my gym, is modeled after the workout that I did at Barry’s Bootcamp. My brain usually starts telling me to quit like after 15, but no-joke I did 25 with really good form, and then even roughed out 5 more to get to 30! The Cardio Cuts black cherry flavor skews more towards sweet than tart, and actually isn’t that bad. I love Barry’s, but learned pretty quickly that I can do that workout anywhere- and for a lot less money.
I was really strong through the next set of uphill sprints, although I definitely felt the synephrine working my heart rate up pretty high. I would compare it to a good athlete who lacks physical prowess and an impressive presence.

I would’ve preferred a little more sour and tart, just to make the experience more fun and in my opinion slightly more authentic-tasting, but overall it’s pretty good.
Say what you will about sugar but it’s one of the best things you can feed your muscles prior to a rigorous workout.
Anyways the workout itself is a rotation of uphill treadmill intervals, combined with a circuit of push-ups, bodyweight squats, sit-ups, v-twists, wood-chops, and military pressing. I don’t like that jittery fluttery feeling so I actually eased off the gas for the rest of the second round of sprints, but was able to regain the intensity for the resistance circuit.
Beta-Alanine is used in almost every pre and intra workout these days because of it’s ability to increase muscle carnosine levels.
The third round went really quickly, much to my delight because usually at this point I’m dragging behind pretty good.
This workout actually probably needed a pre-crossfit type product as oppose to a pre-cardio product! The fourth and final round finally caught up to me and I have to admit that I felt like NDS Cardio Cuts started to let me down a little bit at this point. The product was amazing for like 35 minutes but then it was as it someone pulled the plug on me, and I literally battled through that last round. As you know if you’ve ever had beta-alanine containing supplements is that it causes a pretty uncomfortable tingle a dosages exceeding 2 grams. Other interesting additions to NDS Cardio Cuts are CLA in a pretty large dosage (questionable proof of effectiveness but at least they put a big shot of it in here), as well as raspberry ketone and resveratrol. Say what you will about resveratrol- but I pretend that it makes me healthier and I swear it does (probably only because I tell myself so). I took a scoop and a half of NDS Cardio Cuts about 25 minutes prior to my workout, on an empty stomach. It never ceases to amaze me how seldom a supplement label FAILS to do at least two of those 5.

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