Getting a ripped body with extremely low body fat – lean enough that you can see all your abs – remains not only mysterious and elusive to most people, it also seems complicated. You can count me as one of those science geeks, and I like to back my practical advice with research, but having heard this plea so often, I wondered if I could do more good for more people if for once, I intentionally left out all the details and indulged my readers in their simple request – tell them what to eat to get ripped without any science at all. The more I thought about putting together a “get ripped diet cheat sheet” (aka “getting ripped made simple), the more I started realizing how simple it really is to get ripped. Since a diet to get ripped is a high protein diet and a hypocaloric diet, you must become familiar with the staple proteins in the bodybuilding and physique athlete repertoire.
There’s no reason to exclude milk, cheese, cottage cheese and other dairy products, but traditionally, physique athletes avoid or minimize them prior to competition (dairy based protein powders such as whey or casein or both are very popular on diets to get ripped and a good tasting protein shake is often a welcome relief after eating so much lean meat). I’ve seen people nail all 9 of the first 10 steps and still fall short of getting all the way to a ripped body purely because they screwed up this last step: they failed to pay attention to results, measure results and properly tweak and adjust along the way. WOMEN CLICK HERE and find out how you can get as lean as a fitness model, a top figure competitor or a world-class athlete without starving yourself or getting "skinny fat!" Get lean or even ripped, with sleek, solid muscle! Note: Book excerpts are provided by the publisher and may contain language some find offensive.

What I mean is if you asked them to explain HOW their diet worked to get them so ripped, most of them couldn’t give you the scientific explanation.
But what I can tell you is that the 10 get ripped tips below explain precisely how the vast majority of bodybuilders and physique athletes have been getting ripped for decades and how they are still doing it today in 2011. When you’re already lean and aiming to be ripped, your risk of muscle loss is higher than an overweight person with a high body fat percentage.
This is much higher than a normal nutrition plan for long term maintenance, but remember, this is a serious contest-level diet to get ripped – not yer grandma’s meal plan! Tom is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and fat loss expert who achieved an astonishing ripped 3.7% body fat level without drugs or supplements. Read that again and remember it – because lean protein + fibrous carbs is the world’s most no-brainer diet to get ripped. Eating the same foods every day may also cause boredom and boredom causes some people to fall off the wagon.
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By the way, if you work off a written meal plan, you don’t have to count calories every day – you simply have to weigh and measure your food and follow the meal plan – you already did the counting on paper. If you suffer an overdraft fee and your bank isn't playing ball with you, break off the relationship. Credit unions and small banks tend to have the most generous terms, but no one offers infinite largesse. Still, even if you do pay a fee here or there, you're getting a 50 percent discount because you're only paying the "foreign" bank where you make the withdrawal, not your own bank.

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