I don't know if you've been working out for just a few months or a few years, but I can tell you this; I know you better than you might think. Not only will those things drain your bank account and cost you hours of frustration setting up but they'll take weeks trying to figure out how to use them and then the next thing you know they are collecting dust! At some point your gains have slowed - and you're just like 99% of the rest of the world, myself included. I was happy with my progress after only a few months… but I had no idea that was only the beginning. That's why I have already mailed the first month's installment of my new advance muscle routine, to all the success stories above. As any experienced trainer knows, it is very difficult to achieve both loss of fat and muscle gain at the same period. After searching over and under, Maximize Your Muscle caught my eye with a very affordable first month of the program(FREE).
Every month, my roommate and I would pick a new quote from the MYM book and post it in our status’ on facebook or on the wall of our room.
My arms exploded and got Huge during this program, i finally found my six pack, and packed on over 15 pounds of pure muscle during Maximize Your Muscle! I’ve tried everything the pyramid routine, 12 rep ranges, doing as much as u can on single weighted dumbbell, my body just didn’t respond to gain any muscle!
Four months later, I’m double the size I was, super defined and I was asked to compete in the body building contest this September. The opportunity on this page to MAXIMIZE YOUR MUSCLE is not for guys who sporadically workout or rejoin the gym off and on.  This is not for you if show up late, slide out early, cheat your rep counts and hold anything back. If you're looking for an advanced monthly muscle routines and exclusive coaching to grow beyond your genetic limits… keep looking… THERE IS NONE! NEW STANDARD and ADVANCED, MONTH-BY-MONTH BLUEPRINT for taking your physique to that "super-human level" to make certain 2010 finishes as your most muscular year EVER!
How I broke my own frustrating and annoying plateau and grew from 190 lbs to 210 lbs of solid muscle.  Just when I thought I was done growing, I gained an additional 20 lbs of muscle in the past 2 years!
Each month's issue of Maximize Your Muscle is a 20-page digital newsletter that will include a brand new advanced muscle routine that will put you on a collision course for getting bigger faster than ever before. This month’s featured workout, 100 Rep Muscle will utilize one of the twelve anabolic targets: Extraordinary muscle fiber recruitment by exploiting Multi-Angular Rip Training (MART) which I have never revealed until now. Find out how I finally found my higher-calling in life and wake up truly happy each morning.

Whether you've plateaued after 3 months or 3 years the first months advanced muscle routine lays the ground work to prepare you for smashing through your genetic limits. Each month's workout is more than just an instructional video of how to perform proper technique. At the start of each month, all Maximize members will be invited to a private, closed-door muscle mastermind coaching call to supercharge your muscle gains… and get plugged into the success mindset you need to build a body that will transform you life. But I've tested the hell out of each month's workout, using my own sweat and effort, my own research in the trenches, my own natural genetics and now I'm going to show you what works. In fact, not only did I use the Maximize You Muscle workouts to gain 20 lbs of new muscle this past 2 years but I used the same workouts, I'm sending you, to prepare for my most recent photo shoot in Punta Cana with my fiance. Maximize Your Muscle is built around a curriculum and each month you'll receive the next phase, a new advanced muscle building routine, which is structured and builds upon last month's workout phase. You'll experience insane cardio conditioning, increased fat loss, a revved up metabolism and rock-solid muscle gains.
By now you've gained more muscle in the past three months than you have in the past three years.
Again, we'll be shooting for 3 different new targets during the Savage Strength Super Program so you can match anyone in the gym pound for pound and rep for rep on any exercise, including full squats, deadlifts and bench presses. This month’s anabolic targets we're aiming for are designed to make women attracted to you by your cut, round & defined shoulders and chest, complemented by better arms than the average male. Not only is the focus to shoot your testosterone levels through the roof but this month is a "challenge-based" workout. Right from the out of shape beginner who can't even do a single pull up with bodyweight, right on up to the advanced muscle-head who can bang out multiple sets of weighted pull ups!
Thinking that his claims about huge gains sounded crazy I subscribed to his newsletter and after reading his informative newsletters for a while I decided that this was the programme for me. I completely changed my diet and your program helped me a lot, as I previously did not trainer proper, but also I was using unnecessary supplements, so I spent a lot of money that I didn't need to. I was extremely suprised that using MYM I not only got ripped, I gained almost just as much muscle! As the months went on, i saw rapid and incredible changed, not only in my body, but in my behavior.
But it turned out to be quite a bit of a challenge as there’s much more to it than just doing sit ups. I stopped smoking (for good), didn’t go out at night if wanted to work out the next day, restricted my alcohol consumption and of course adjusted my nutrition to my needs.

Most of all it mentioned that their will be different exercises EVERY MONTH so that we don’t get sick of the same old thing! A month later I measured myself and gained couple of cm all over my body which gave me a massive confidence boost to keep going!
Face it, most guys know their workouts are not reinforcing muscle growth but they continue with random workouts out of fear they will lose size if they try something different. No longer will you show up to the gym and crank out training sessions blindly in hopes of good results.
It's an opportunity to see the intensity applied to each month's workout to pump you up and 100 Rep Muscle is no exception. Future installments of the monthly digital newsletter, monthly DVD and coaching call are billed $69.95 per month, starting 30 days from today. I have made the best gains of my entire life, and it has changed my outlook on life in general. You just need to understand that it's there, it's real, and if you're not training using all this science, you're leaving something out of your workout.
I would be amazed to think what would have happened in terms of muscle gain if I focused on bulking up and ate at a surplus all the time. My roommate at college told me that watching me change was “inspiring stuff”, and he then borrowed my first month of the program when I started month 2 of MYM.
Every month, i was challenged with something new, a different way i can better my way of life, and ways of reaching my newly set goals, made in month number two. Where I evaluated who I was hanging out with, and decided whether or not those people would help me become the person I wanted to become, and from there Ii saw the most improvement in my life.
With the help of MYM i figured out important things in my life, packed on muscle, and got ripped.
Thanks to Google I was able to figure out that the right nutrition’s the key and soon I also stumbled upon Vince’s blog. Instead you'll make every workout a life changing experience by kicking the crap out of the weights and earning the respect of your gym brothers.
Instead you'll be gleaming with satisfaction and accomplishment when you step out of the shower and spot yourself in the mirror.

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