A fracture of the forearm can be classified as to whether it involves only the ulna (ulnar fracture), only the radius (radius fracture) or both (radioulnar fracture).
It contains two long bones, the radius and the ulna.The forearm also contains many muscles, including the flexors and extensors of the digits, a flexor of the elbow (brachioradialis), and pronators and supinators that turn the hand to face down or upwards, respectively.
Now we didn’t get into the science behind muscle fiber tears and lactic acid and all that jive, sometimes I hate getting all sciency with it.

During our conversation we literally went down the body and talk about about different joint and the muscles around those joints feel after a good workout and how they they feel when you’re torn or just done something wrong during your workout. If it’s intense pain then you need to see a qualified specialist, if not then heat the area and use more arnica oil to reduce inflammation and muscle swelling.

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