Abdominal pain is the major symptom that is followed by bloating and it is therefore very important to treat it in order to get relief. In this problem the body becomes unable to get rid of the gas resulting from the digestion process and as a result of which the gas is trapped inside the body causing a lot of discomfort. Not only this, it is also advisable to avoid over consumption of fatty foods in order to treat yourself completely.

The main reasons for the bloating problem are the unhealthy eating habits with over consumption of oily, fatty and fast foods, lack or no exercise at all etc. It is therefore recommended to add garlic to your daily routine in order to get the benefits.
The major symptoms of the problem include pain in abdomen, vomiting sensations, uneasiness, fatigue etc.

Here are some of the easy home remedies that you can use to treat the problem of bloating effectively.

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