Appetisers should be light, dainty and they should be made in small pieces that are easy to pick with the fingers and can be nibbled.
Tea or breakfast snacks need not be only savoury; to add variety you can serve one or two sweet snacks also. In this recipe all the ingredients are readily available at home and you do not have to make elaborate preparation.
Tip-You can grill the bread pieces instead of deep frying them to make a low calorie snack. Now add chopped tomatoes, green chilies, salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder and saute it for 1 min. Take a portion of the mixture and stuff the grated cheese in the middle of it and then make the ball. Now add large sliced tomatoes, oregano, salt and black pepper in the pan and saute them for 2 min.
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If you are making this snack for children’s party you can cut the bread in different shapes with the help of a cookie cutter. You can do little variations in these Indian starters recipes according to your taste and number of people. This is a famous Gujarati snack made up by sooji (rava) soaked in buttermilk (yogurt and water) and tempered with salt, red pepper, green chilies and lemon. Having over 3 years of freelance projects under her belt, she frequently writes articles on topics of lifestyle and relationship and learning the basics of blogging.
The snacks that are made for tea or breakfast should be made bigger in size to be able to satisfy appetite. This snack is unique in the way that it has Indian as well as western ingredients, which enhances its taste and flavour.
Tempting, spicy and peppery samosas, tandoori dishes, paneer tikkas, pakoras, cutlets will arouse your hunger even when you are full.
Paneer chunks, sliced onions, tomatoes and capsicum marinated with spices are grilled & seasoned with lemon juice and chaat masala.

If you are looking for some healthy Indian starters recipes, then nothing can be better then this healthy snack. In this recipe the bread is cut into two pieces, but when you make it to accompany the drinks cut the bread in four pieces, so that it can be easily picked up and eaten. I remember, when I was a kid, mumma used to wrap the vegetables and pickle in the chapati and roll them and we used to love eating it while running for school in the morning.
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