Pure Deer Antler Velvet Powder 250gmsPure Deer Antler Velvet Powder in a 250 gram canister. This natural health support product is made from premium grade Antler Velvet grown by humanely farmed New Zealand Red Deer. Wapiti Park's product is produced from ''whole-stick'' Antler Velvet which is freeze dried to preserve as much as possible the natural active ingredients and the IGF-1 & IGF-2 growth factors that make it such an effective natural supplement.

Processed Antler Velvet supports Arthritis and Rheumatism relief, joint health and mobility, Immune System Stimulation, Cardiovascular health, and Energy and stamina enhancement. Further New Zealand resarch has shown that Antler Velvet has the potential to promote the growth of new blood vessels and this has huge potential in accelerating wound healing and recovery from major surgery.
While Antler Velvet has always enjoyed a reputation in relation to sexual fuction enhancement, few realise the importance placed on it by the Asian community in relation to the promotion of physical and mental health and wellbeing of the young.

Regarded as one of nature's safest and most effective dietary supplements, these Antler Velvet and Antler Velvet Extract based products provide a natural source of important minerals and nutrients, all processed to provide support for your general health and wellbeing, Joint health and mobility, and athletic performance.

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