Located in the heart of the Fox Valley, CrossFit AMRAP offers a fitness regimen unlike any other regular workout. While on the CrossFit program, you will never be bored, since our workouts change every day. CrossFit AMRAP offers personal training and boot-camp style classes that increase fat loss through nutrition counseling and a full-body workout. The weather outside may be frightful, but next week at the gym is going to be straight up delightful.
For those of you who have never participated in The Reindeer Games; they are an annual week long competition typically held in December, right before Christmas.
As for our newest AMRAPPERs, Reese and Hannah are a pair to watch out for as they strive to perfect each movement and then tackle each quickly in the WOD.

Like I said earlier in my post, I’m excited to see what the kids bring on Thursday to class.
There are no stair steppers to keep you from achieving that next level, no treadmills to keep you running in place. Also, you will never feel as if you went to the gym and didn't attain anything; every session provides an intense workout, guaranteed to push you both physically and mentally.
While there will be two short WODs each day next week and athletes will be able to compete against one another in various divisions, the divisions for Christmas in July will be different.
Our brothers, Daniel and Joseph, are showing the athleticism runs in the family as they push each other during the workouts and in our mini-Challenges. They keep working on their fitness like they are I suspect they’ll be giving some of the adults a run for their money in no time.

Instead, CrossFit AMRAP provides a group setting for personal training, making your workouts constantly varied, fun and intense.
Instead of having athletes complete WODs as Rx, Scale A or Scale B, all athletes will perform the same workout without scaling, similar to that of the CrossFit Open WODs.

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