Creatine has been show to be effective at increasing lean muscle mass, muscle strength, endurance, and overall muscle performance.
You’d never know it from their over-the-top marketing and packaging, but the popular nitric-oxide pre-workout formulas are highly effective performance enhancers nearly anyone can use to have much better workouts and much better results. The relationship between energy and exercise is pretty straightforward; our exercise results are a function of how much effort we can put forth, and how much effort we can put forth is a function of our energy levels.

So you’ll feel a big difference between using a plain energy product versus a good pre-workout formula prior to training.
Choosing the best pre-workout formula for you can be a little trickier than with other supplements for a few reasons.  More than any other kind of supplement, you really have to try a pre-workout formula to know how well it works for you.
Pre-workout formulas always contain stimulant ingredients (caffeine, and usually several others as well) as important parts of the formula.

On the contrary, many people can only squeeze their workouts into the very early morning before work, or early evening after work, two times when energy and focus are at their least abundant.

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