COMBAT 60:  high-repetition sequence of moves that will have your muscles firing on all cylinders.
Before that time, I had never completed a workout regimen that lasted longer than two or three weeks. Of course, by workout regimen I mean fighting myself to get off the couch and aimlessly workout with the four exercise machines at the gym.
They know how to cue and keep you in the program even with out looking at the screen.  I would honestly say the HIIT workouts are on par with Insanity. Outlined here are my initial reactions, my favorite parts about the program and why I recommend Les Mills COMBAT so frequently to people who have never committed to a workout routine. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are vital for quick reaction and muscular endurance.Another quality that attracted me to COMBAT was the excitement of the moves. I have never tried MMA-style exercises before, and I wanted to try something that was not monotonous so I would be fully committed.More About Les Mills COMBATUnlike other Beachbody routines that span 90 days, COMBAT is a 60-day workout.

Included in every kit is the Stay With the Fight fitness guide, the Eat Right for the Fight nutrition guide, a tape measure to monitor results and Beachbody online support.Les Mills COMBAT ScheduleCost of Les Mills COMBATThe price is comparable to the most popular Beachbody routines. Les Mills COMBAT Supreme Warrior kit includes weighted training gloves to add some resistance to the workout.
For extra bonus workouts, the Les Mills COMBAT Ultimate Warrior Package is available for $119.70.
You get the basic 7 workouts, the bonus Les Mills Combat Live 30 workout, the MMA gloves, the Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, and tape measure with tracker. Shakeology is typically $120 a month, so for $20 more you get Les Mills Combat with Bonus Workout! No brainer on this one.What I liked about Les Mills COMBATMy goal to find a workout that was exciting and engaging was more than fulfilled. Beachbody must have outlined the common mistakes that people make during these workouts because it almost seemed like the trainers are in the room with me (a little creepy at times.

If you ask anyone who trains seriously, this really helps.Of course, the most important aspect of any workout program is the results. The extra weight was almost shredded by the end of week one and by week three, I was back to my body fat percentage that I had achieved after completing P90x.I would recommend Les Mills COMBAT to anyone who has trouble sticking to exercise programs, wants to burn a lot of calories or wants to improve muscular reaction time.
Quick results are another positive aspect of this workout (and most other Beachbody programs). Thank you friend.By RealRobbie Thuyet Nguyen Binh 26 Jul 2013I would like to know what name of the song and artist of combat 60 extreme cardio fighter at the end of the workout when they are stretching.

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