There are three kinds of nutrients you should consume: protein, carbohydrates and water to refill your body. The healthiest foods to take in simple carbohydrate are the fruits as they contain fructose. Good source of complex carbohydrates are sweet potatoes, hummus, whole grains, cereal, pasta, brown rice and again fruits.
Great protein sources are fish such as salmon, poultry like turkey or chicken breast, eggs, milk products and nuts.

Most of the cases they think, they must not eat anything after an ab workout as it will spoil the results. I know, there are so many sport drinks and others, but most of them contain artificial components.
Muscles are built up from amino acids, and this sort of nutrient is needed to rebuild muscles again.
That is not what we want, so eating the right types of things after your training is crucial.

So, we should take in protein which will be broken down into amino acids which will be used for muscle rebuilding.

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