Step 9: At last, do jump rope exercise again, and now you have finished the routine to lose belly fat.
Stand with your feet apart and in line together with your shoulders along with your arms straight down at your sides. Different from the first stage, do only one jump per turn.Keep in mind that you are losing belly fat.

Get into your squat thrust and push up,then just after you might have accomplished these; raise your left arm off the ground and rotate it over your head. Use the right size jump rope and make sure you always land gently on the balls of your feet in order to assure your safety. Squat down slowly and along with your head and hands pointing forward bring your hands down for the floor around the outside of the feet.

Just follow us and do use 10 minutes highly charged cardiovascular routine each day, you can burn bell fat fast.

How to get a six pack in 3 months
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